Gender Inequality : Women And Women Essay

1130 Words Nov 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Nowadays, there is progress concerning the subject of gender issues, but it would be wrong to think that men and women are treat equally in Togo. Historically, men always have a higher financial, legal and political power over women. Men have more job opportunities than women do. At home, women are always fighting for their freedom because of the mistreatments that they are victim of. They have been some difficulties for women to get an education because they have always been considered as good to get married, stay at home, take care to the family and give birth. However, in the past ten years, there was a large increase of number of women working outside their home, running their businesses and participating in political life. Although many efforts are made to increase women participation in society, gender inequality can be found in the workplace as well as at home, and at school. First, women and men are not treated equally at work. At the top level of the administration, there are fewer women than men working as managers or directors. In the political field, few women are name as minister or even president. The perfect example is the new government of Togo elected on June 28, 2015. Only four out of twenty-two women were name ministers. This is not fair when everybody knows that women represent two over three percent of the Togo population. Another sign of inequality is related to the different inspections that employers have on women and men in leadership position.…

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