Essay on Gender Inequality Within The Workplace

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After years of fighting for equality in America, inequality is still the norm. Inequality still exists in the workplace because of sex, race, and education. The question to be answered is why does inequality still such a problem in a country that was built off the premise of equality. One of the largest inequalities that face the workplace is pay gaps between genders. Women and men are still paid differing salaries for the same professions. One of the beliefs that continue to contribute to this pay gap is that men believe that women cannot perform the same labor that they do. “Professors led by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Sredhari Desai found that married men in ‘traditional’ marriages (they are the sole breadwinners while their wives do not work) view women in their workplace unfavorably, are much less likely to take jobs at companies with female board members, and may even pass over female co-workers for promotions in classic 9 to 5 fashion.” (Suddath, par 3) This shows that men are viewing their women unfavorably and that they don’t like working with females in a higher position than themselves. After speaking with women in my life own that have been in the workforce for numerous years, I became curious about their feelings concerning the gaps in pay between sexes. The commonalities that were found during those conversations were that it was not fair, but the cruelest was that women suffered the most. During this research, it was…

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