Gender Inequality Within The United States Essay

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For centuries males have taken the dominant role in society; being viewed as the one who is persistent in the work place and providing for his family. With this notion of male domination; women were expected to take on the role of “homemaker” and raise any children who were at home. These labels of gender roles between the male and female sex, have stood grounds for gender inequalities to exist in Canadian society. This short essay will examine the popular notion that women are “naturally inclined” to raise children and complete household duties with attention focused at how this ideology is used to justify gender inequality.
Before the 1970’s social scientists seldom analyzed patterns of housework and child care, but when they did they saw these tasks as women’s “role”, suggesting that the division of household labour was determined mainly by biology but also by culture, (Baker, Page 127, 2014). Baker continues in stating, for years in the past the “nuclear family” dominated society; with such, society was orientated around the division of labor and gendered roles. (Baker, 2014).
Women and men have been separated by physical qualities for a great period of time. Men have a physique built stronger and for jobs adjacent to physical labor; they are said to be more rational and task-orientated. Quite oppositely, women have been recognized for their nurturing and caring qualities. (Baker, 2014). “Maternal instincts” and women’s ability to lactate were thought to make them…

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