Gender Inequality : The World, And Discriminates Women Essay

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Gender inequality is a huge problem in the world, and discriminates women in many different ways. Borgen Magazine list 10 examples of Gender Inequality in the World; lack of mobility, freedom of marriage, discriminatory divorce rights, citizenship, frontline combat, custody rights, violence, professional obstacles, restricted land ownership, and access to education. There is a huge global gender gap, and “The WEF reports that women’s average earnings are almost half those of men… The average global earned income for women was estimated at $10,778 and the average men’s income was about $19,873” (Elsesser, 7 Important Facts about the Global Gender Gap). Progress is slow, and is often blamed on of male- dominant positions in states and in international relations. Realist, Liberal, and Identity perspectives each approach the issue from a different angle, and suggest ways of pursuing global gender equality.
Realist Perspective Gender inequality is understood by realist as a result of an absence of authority above all states, and a struggle for power between men and women. “Gender stereotypes persist in assigning men the primary responsibility for income- generation in households worldwide, and men in aggregate still hold higher- paying and more secure jobs than do women” (Waltz, Chapter 5). Women, on the contrary, were presumed to be the caretakers of the family; cooking dinner, doing the laundry, taking care of the children, etc. The identity of the state is a…

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