Gender Inequality Of The 60 's And 70 Essay

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In the 60’s and 70’s as gender inequality was being contested, it had not yet reached my small suburban town west of Boston. My parents, as the first generation born in the United States, were ingrained in their own cultural beliefs promoting very traditional stances of family values and gender roles. While my father worked three jobs, my mother and grandmother raised six children under one roof. At home the girls catered and tendered to the boys; we did their laundry, made their beds and cooked their meals. My father dutifully taught the boys to drive a car while refusing to teach the girls because that was their husband’s job, should a husband even want his wife to drive. The boys received more of a weekly allowance, had greater freedoms and occasionally better meals. While my older sisters simply accepted this, I stewed over it. I was becoming very aware at a young age of inequalities associated with gender not only at home but in school as well.
The three boys went to public schools while the three girls attended Catholic school, where girls went to learn morals. Although it was a co-ed school, taught only my nuns, the gender inequalities were present from a young age. The girls always in skirts even in the coldest of New England winter days. The boys were allowed to play sports in the school yard, girls restricted to skirt appropriate activities, like double-dutch jump rope and hopscotch. I knew then boys had it better and I wanted in, I was on my way to become a…

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