Gender Inequality Of Gender Pay Gap Essay example

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Whether it is religion, sexuality, race, or even music taste, people are constantly finding ways to discriminate by differentiating people from each other. One element is gender pay gap--ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, women were always proven to be insignificant compared to men. Gender pay gap plays a negative role--socially, economically, and politically. Although the gender pay gap is a widespread problem that cannot be completely eradicated, society should be giving more of an effort into taking small steps to solving the problem so the future generations could benefit from knowing what is right -- by solving one of the most unfair stigmatized elements in society.
Over the course of history, women were affected from gender pay gap; however, the problem is still prevalent throughout all corners of the world. For North American and Western societies, the problem of gender pay gap is less severe than third-world countries, but the problem still remains a heated topic of discussion today in the United States through social media, news, and everyday conversations. Gender pay inequality promotes discrimination and unethical views on gender roles for generations to come. Before gender-related laws were put to action, men held the belief to reserve the right to abuse women. Professors of Women’s Rights adds that feminism showed its rise during the late twentieth century by bringing attention with lawsuits. Most lawsuits were cases of sexual discrimination and harassment…

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