Gender Inequality : Literature And Society Essay

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Gender inequality in literature and society
In a 2012 study by Corrine Moss-Racusin that was published in PNAS, an organization of scientific academics, it was found that males were more likely to get a job than females. Scientists from research-intensive universities made fake profiles with qualifications that were the exact same for male and female profiles. Although the fake identities were identical, faculty members chose the male as more qualified (Moss-Racusin). Statistics like these show up all the time in the modern day world as women are often discriminated against in their occupations and in everyday life. The world has been shaped so that men are given the upper hand. In classic novels, discrimination against women is very common. Literature is a reflection of society, and men are often given more power in literature; therefore, we have questioned that relationship between literature and society.
In the past couple of centuries, men have overpowered women by bossing them around and making them feel inferior with women accepting it as if that 's how it 's supposed to be. Men are able to make women feel powerless by not giving them the same opportunities to get the same level of education, and they are also not given the chance to do the same jobs as men. Most importantly, women were not given the chance to express their ideas or feelings as freely as their male counterparts. This is reflected in the famous novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. Jem and Dill,…

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