Gender Inequality In Persepolis

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Ali Heidari
ENG4U – 3
Ms. Disha
October 6, 2014
Geoffrey Chaucer used the word femininity for the first time about 1380. The way society looked at women, were only as they housewives and mothers changed just after the Black Death in England. In that time population of England reduced by half. Meanwhile, traditional gender role for women changed and new windows opportunities opened up for them in the society. Femininity can be defined in different ways based on the cultural norms, traditions and era. In the past, women were mostly looked upon as housewives and mothers and their role in the society was mainly to take care of their children. However, in recent years, gender discrimination has been greatly reduced in developed countries.
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The people and societies are still in the progress of blurring rights boundaries between men and women. There are still factors such as religion that can degrade femininity in a society. Religions are some organized set of beliefs and rules that make a standard form of lifestyle for their followers. These religions were found a long time ago in which men were believed to be the supreme gender and women were still known as the lesser gender. Women are encouraged by some religions to stay at home and in some others they are considered as sexual objects. Islam is one of those religions that has rules which are believed to be against the feminine rights and most basic freedoms. Moreover, women should be fully covered to prevent sexual stimulation in men, or a man has the right to marry more than one woman in order to satisfy his desires. To prevent all these discriminations toward women, countries became secular, meaning that religious beliefs become separated from the national laws. In this case femininity found the opportunity to grow and take its rightful place which is equality with men. Femininity will easily degrade through a …show more content…
This part of book is essential because it shows how people in Iran became restricted about sexuality after the Islamic Revolution and the stereotypes made up for women who do not even believe in religion. For example Marjane had been known by her friends only because of her sexual life experiences. This indicates that a woman who has had sex before marriage is basically a whore which is a colossal wrong statement and stereotype. Another example that shows stereotyping after Islamic Revolution, is when people in Iran looked at women who wore veil as the Fundamentalist woman. In the first episode of Persepolis Marjane pointed out the way society looked at women with veil as the Fundamentalists in page 75. This was another stereotype made up by people about women who wore veil, in other words if a woman did not want to be known as a Fundamentalist, she had to put out some of her hair that might have been against her

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