Gender Disparity In Movies

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Misrepresentation of the female gender on movies and its effects to women

By Kenneth Edwin M. Varilla, University of the Philippines Open University


There are only several research papers focusing on the evident presence of gender disparity in movies today. As such, the purpose of this research paper is to investigate gender inequality that is present in movies. The results of the investigation showed that most movies contain scenes and themes that oppress women with them being underrepresented or misrepresented. The conclusion is that although there are efforts made by several groups to alleviate this problem, the gender disparity still exists and there is more to be done.
The media has the
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More needs to be done. A massive reform on the hierarchy of position of the film industry must be seen for these steps toward gender equality in movies to be done. Interested women that specialize or have an interest film-making should seek international organizations such as the Geena-Davis Institute on Gender in Media that aims to empower aspiring women on the film industry by providing educational support that is centred on producing movies with the motive to remove gender disparity and correct the wrong ideals portrayed by past movies to the society. Besides this, since most movies are produced by male producers and staff, production companies should hire female directors and story producers to create movies so that it can be portrayed in a woman’s point of view and to alleviate misrepresentation of female characters. Finally, research on gender inequality in media should be continued so as to monitor its impact and influence to society especially to young girls.

Achieving these things will definitely reduce gender disparity in movies and media in general. Because of these movies, women are underestimated for their potentials and it is our fault. Thus, we are accountable to this and we must stand up and fix this by changing the wrong principles that society thinks about women, with the power of multimedia in our hands. As Monica Crowley once said: “True equality means holding everyone accountable in the same way, regardless of race, ethnicity or gender.”

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