Gender Inequality : Gender And Gender Essay

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The gender wage gap can be explained by the statistic; the female-to-male wage ratio of 2010 was 77% (Ferris & Stein, 2014 pg 255). This means that in 2010, the average female made 23% less in yearly earnings compared to men. Ethnicity can also be included to explain the wage gap. This can be explained by the statistic; Asian males make the most money compared to all other racial groups (Median, 2012). The symbolic interactionism view of gender can be explained as “Gender is learned through the process of socialization; gender inequalities are reproduced through interactions with family, peers, schools, and the media” (Ferris & Stein, 2014 pg 247). Family influences gender because it is our primary source of socialization. Family members relate to a newborn as female or male before they are even born. Schools influence gender by using gender stereotypes in textbooks. Peers also play a large role in gender identity by developing playmates and relationships, and going through puberty. Lastly, media influences gender by teaching us how to be accepted by music and movies (Page 248-250).
This theory “Sees interaction and meaning as central to society and assumes that meanings are not inherent but are created through interaction” (Page 29). We can use this theory to explain why the gender wage gap including racial backgrounds exists. From the symbolic interactionism perspective, the reason this gap exists is because of the way males and females are encouraged from a young age to…

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