Essay on Gender Inequality For The United States

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Inequality for All
Look out the window across the street new neighbors are moving in. The females are carrying the boxes in while males are carrying furniture. This is a normal occurrence with nuclear families. Females are socially viewed as the weaker gender. Males have to be strong. These ideals are what drive the chance of double standards. Double standards between genders have almost become a social normality, but must end because they impede equality in social issues, in the military, and in regards to the law.
Social Discrepancies
Women and men are not treated the same. Studies have shown that, socially, women aren’t treated as fairly. Zhana Vrangalova mentions, “Is Our Sexual Double Standard Going Away?” two different studies from undergraduate students in college across the United States. One determined that premarital sex isn’t as big of an issue it used to be, but students from 2012 consider casual sex just as inappropriate as students from 1990.The other determined that the survey participants know of sexual double standards but it is harder to find the double standard in the participant. “The bad news in these findings is that the double standard still exists on average. The good news is that most young people do not subscribe to it.” Men can be promiscuous, but women can’t without being treated badly by their peers. This isn’t the only way women are treated unfairly socially.
More families rely on women’s wages to pay bills and sustain their way of living.…

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