Gender Inequality Equality

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The Fight to Resolve Gender Inequality

Social issues affect our everyday lives; most issues American’s are unaware about, while others are constantly in our thoughts. Everyone thinks different about different issues in America but the issue with gender inequality can’t be denied. Gender inequality in America and other countries as well is a constant fighting battle, unfair rights, unequal pay and benefits, and lack of respect towards woman in general. Just knowing that gender inequality exist isn’t enough, something has to be done, there has to be a fight for woman’s rights. Organizations like Association for Women 's Rights in Development (AWID) and Equality Now are constantly fighting the battle for gender inequality. These organizations
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Their goal is to create gender equality and obtain basic rights for woman and all. While there are many areas of agenda that they desire to achieve, two important issues on their to-do list is reaching economic justice and obtaining resources for the human rights fight. The push for economic justice involves researchers and analysts coming together from around the world and collaborating on how the economy affects woman and its inequalities. One of their recent campaigns was “to exhibit posters and distribute pamphlets that unquestioned bias beliefs and attitudes to try and help them understand their corrupt attitudes towards inequality” (To Build, 2016) They wish to make more people aware of the economic difference in woman’s pay and benefits compared to men’s, they push economic models and agendas to show the inequality and demand it be eliminated. In corporations and companies a woman is paid less for the same job a male is doing, their goal is to eliminate this difference in society. Their second main agenda is to raise money to fund the fight against gender inequality. It’s not as simple as running to Wal-Mart and making a few signs anymore, this is a huge agenda and requires large amounts of funds. One way they raise money is by having a membership that enforces members to pay a small fee used towards the fight and in return they are included in news, information and …show more content…
Their first step towards achieving gender equality is ensuring 100% legal equality. Laws shouldn’t have different impacts based on gender, the law is the law. The law is supposed to up hold woman’s legal rights to live free without worrying about being violated or discriminated against. Equality Now ensure that’s laws are fair and just by getting involved. They push cases to courts, get involved with government policies and inspire others to help ensure all humans’ rights are being met. Another huge agenda is sexual violence towards woman, ensuring woman have a safe society without having to worry about being attacked or sexualized. They believe a woman shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked or violated because her skirt is a little tighter and shorter today then normal. They push for stronger laws to help woman’s rights, ensuring assailants get what they deserve, and pushing for programs to help woman that have been affects but sexual

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