Essay about Gender Inequality : Emma Watson 's Speech

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Gender Inequality: Emma Watson’s Speech to the United Nations Renowned British actress and activist for the feminist movement, Emma Watson, in her speech to the United Nations, “HeForShe,” argues that gender discrimination is a plague to human civilization. Watson’s purpose is to sway the audience that gender inequality has to come to an end, with the support of men and women as advocates for egalitarianism. Additionally, she enlightens the audience that the problem originated from political affairs, the economy, and social disparity. Watson creates a compassionate tone in order to convey men, specifically those who negatively perceived feminism or did not think that feminist issues affected them. Nevertheless, Watson’s speech is ineffectively persuasive due to the poor description she formulated for feminism; in fact, Watson also fails to correlate her childhood reminiscences with the audience, lacks the appropriate statistics that would reinforce her argument, and the monotony of feminism, which does not intensify her clarity to the audience. During Watson’s speech to the United Nations, she was unsuccessful in articulating a definition for feminism, which remains established on the theory of politics, the economy, and social equivalence of the genders. Therefore, leading Watson to state: “Feminism by definition is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” (1), which was an endeavor to enlighten and convince the…

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