Gender Inequality During The American Revolution Essay

1936 Words Mar 24th, 2016 null Page
What exactly is gender inequality? Where did it come from and when did it start? Gender inequality is the injustice and prejudice treatment and behavior between men and women, which can also be known as sexism. Gender inequality goes back decades and centuries ago to the agricultural era. During such a time, men and women performed massively different jobs. The men worked with heavy field labor type of jobs, while the women worked with domestic-type jobs such as clothing and food preparation. Even though the law favored men, the labor between both men and women were equal, and families could not survive without the other. When this type of make-your-own-provisions economy was replaced with a market economy, considerably after the American Revolution, is when the creation of gender roles became socially idealized (O’Malley). The start of this idea of gender roles became the basis for gender inequality and the social problems that have arisen alongside sexism. Throughout the years, gender inequality has not only impacted men, but mostly women. To this day, women are being discriminated against and oversexualized. However, this social problem led to the feminist movement which is still considered an influential evolution. The impact gender inequality has on society and its women members can be viewed through three major sociological theories and perspectives: the Structural-Functionalist perspective, the Conflict Perspective, and the Symbolic Interactionist Perspective.

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