Gender Inequality And The Workplace Essay

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“Blog, News, and Events.” Gender Inequality and Women in the Workplace. Harvard College, n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2014.
This article, while it may not be academically sound, is the product of a Harvard writer’s ambition to peer through the eyes of an accomplished feminist and journalist Mary Brinton. The main purpose of this article was to ask Mrs. Brinton a series of questions regarding gender inequality in the United States. The author of the article opposes the current situation of gender in the United States, as made abundantly clear by the statistics the author includes and by the questions he chooses to ask Mrs. Brinton. Through the interview, Mrs. Brinton makes some interesting points about the wage gap, the primary cause of gender inequality; gender stereotypes, and some of the biggest obstacles women face when going in to the workforce. Judging by how Mrs. Brinton blames society for most cases of gender inequality shows that she leans slightly towards a macro-level feminist-conflict perspective. This article is beneficial to my research because it provides a plethora of statistical data and personal inquiry that relates to the topic of gender inequality.
Davis, Nancy J., and Robert V. Robinson. “Men 's and Women 's Consciousness of Gender Inequality: Austria, West Germany, Great Britain, and the United States.” American Sociological Review 56.1 (1991): 72-84. JSTOR. Web. 19 Sept. 2014.
This article, written by Nancy Davis, a clinical social worker, and Robert Robinson,…

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