Essay Gender Inequality And Gender Equality

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“A gender-equal society would be where the word “gender” does not exist: where everyone can be themselves.” This phrase is said by one of the most interesting person I know across the nation, Gloria Steinem. She contradicted the statement that men are powerful than women, and that women should have less rights than men. There are many so-called types of sexism. One 's physical and mind sexism, where one gender is believed to be much more sophisticated than the other gender. Another one is what I called the gender pay gap sexism, where one gender gets paid more than the opposite gender. One more type of sexism is the combo of gender inequality and racism. In “Lucy”, “The House of Mirth”, “Ain’t I a Woman?”, and the denial of a father’s custody of his daughter, it is conspicuous how Sexism is a substantial sector of the society.

In the early years of this nation, women didn’t have any rights at all, while the men be the ruler of the society. In 1851, a woman gave a speech about gender inequality. Her name was Sojourner Truth. She claims that men are biased. That is, men will only give support to women if they want to, but women are obligated to help many men, several girls. Also, they say that men can’t have equal rights as men, simply because their God wasn’t a woman. “...he says women can’t have as much rights as men, ‘cause Christ wasn’t a woman.(on-line source)” They believe that women are meant to be men’s slaves. Women are only supposed to take orders from men.


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