Gender Inequality And Gender Equality Essay

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Gender inequality has been an immense challenge not only in Canada but around the world. Males are often viewed as superior to women. Men have dominated in history; they are our famous theorists and physicists, they won wars and conquered the land. Unfortunately, even in today 's society women are continuing to be viewed as inferior compared to men. Women have overcome many obstacles throughout history including; education, the workplace, and even at home. Women have the right to be treated equally in view of the fact that they ARE equal.
Over the past hundred years, there have been countless movements for gender equality. But despite everything that was done so that women could be treated equivalent to men, there is still inequality. According to Hughes, Krahn and Lowe (2011), sex plays a crucial role in inequality, and the word "gender" has been socially constructed (p. 170). Society has created this absurd view that men are higher-up than women, which has constructed gender roles. These societal norms do not need to be followed and do not define what each gender can or cannot do. Women can work with their hands, men can be stay-at-home dads, and there is nothing that says otherwise. We need to eliminate these fictitious roles; people should act how they desire and not just how they are "expected" to act. Women have been heavily involved in the labour force for years now and yet they are still not being paid or respected as much as males. Women have made an economic…

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