Gender Inequality And Dress Codes Essay

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Rubbernecking: Skirts, Slacks, and Sneakers
Taking a closer look into the discussion on gender inequality and dress codes I have come to find that there is not simply to use this debate does not have to be a black and white conversation and that I won 't let it be now I cannot prevent everyone 's views on this topic because there are so many shades of grey it would be near impossible to equally represent them all I 'll ever to make it feasible this paper will represent a couple of frequently represented points of view.
Students John and Mary Beth Tinker, and Christopher Eckhardt, attended schools in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1965. These students and their parents had previously participated in a program that publicized their support for a truce and their objections to the hostilities in Vietnam, by wearing black armbands during the holidays and fasting on December 16 and New Year 's Eve. The principals of the Des Moines schools became aware of the plan to wear armbands. On December 14, 1965, the principles met and decided that any their students that were seen wearing an armband to school would be asked to remove it, and, if they refused, they would be suspended (Cornell Law). The students were aware of this decision; however on December 16, John, Mary Beth and Christopher wore black armbands to their schools and were sent home and suspended from school until they returned without their armbands. During the students’ suspension, the parents sued the school for violating their…

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