Essay on Gender Inequality : An Essential Issue Of Anxiety

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Gender Inequality in the Workplace
Gender inequality in the corporate world has continuously been an essential issue of anxiety. Based on information by researchers the inequality in the workplace is attributed to the men’s predominance in authoritative positions. Several individuals believe that men deserve to be paid more than women, while others suggest the issue is ethically significant. Based on recent research demonstrating the growing level of wage inequality among sexes. This clearly states that men and women hold different attitudes regarding the workplace. According to Fagan, Gonzalez and Gomez (199), gender inequality in the corporate world is an important issue ethically, which necessitates adequate solutions as it leads to unethical women discrimination (Fagan, Gonzalez, and Gomez 199). The discrimination of women drives women motivation in accomplishing tasks, which lead to poor interpersonal relations and insufficient corporate culture. There is a necessity of putting women in top positions in commercial project. Gender inequality is important ethically as it drives the motivation of women in accomplishing tasks in accurate ways (Fagan, Gonzalez, and Gomez, 1). Gender discrimination is embedded in the corporate world, for example, the experiences of women regarding inequality in the surroundings of the workplace, which is based on inadequate benefits and lack of deference. This, therefore, results in women having insufficient motivation in…

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