Gender Inequality : An Defining Facet Of Law Enforcement Essay

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Gender inequality is still a defining facet of law enforcement, even in today’s world of steadily increasing employment fairness. Women make up only a small percentage of law enforcement officers across the nation. Why is that? Curtis Crooke expressed in his article Women in Law enforcement, “Women in law enforcement are often inexplicitly resented by their male counterparts and many face harassment. Additionally, many women encounter a ‘brass’ ceiling and are unable to rise to supervisory positions despite their qualifications” (Crooke). Therefore, I am drawn to the thought that women, including myself, feel intimidated by men in this particular field. No matter our qualifications or years of service, there is little likelihood of obtaining a leadership position. Despite women in law enforcement having fulfilled all the academic and physical standards, they still experience from men. Furthermore, male police officers feel very demeaned and threatened because women can perform like them. Going into law enforcement women, like myself, feel as if they need to prove themselves to be worthy of the job, whereas males are easily welcomed. Women are seen as lower in status, because society has made it that way. In the mid nineteen hundreds it was uncommon for women to work, they were expected to cook, clean, and take care of the children. Now times have changed, I want to be able to go out and protect my neighborhood and pursue my dream career. Nevertheless, it saddens my heart…

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