Gender Inequality Among Women And Women Essay

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Introduction Gender Inequality has been a rising topic more and more each year because it seems to get noticed more and more but especially popular because of the recent 2016 Olympics. Gender Inequality is the different biases between men and women in world. More specifically, gender inequality is prominent in the sport occupation. So, Balish et al. (2016) found a connection that advance liability is caused from the gender differences in sport attendance, supporters, and motives for the game (Deaner et al., 2016; Deaner & Smith, 2013; Lombardo, 2012) (p. 11). To go off this, I decided to analyze some articles that focus on specific areas where gender inequality is evident; in pay gap, media, and the Olympics.
Pay Gap To begin with, the most obvious and sad things about gender inequality in sports is the pay gap. Males and females get paid completely different for doing the same job. I could list of all the he says she say things of this topic but that would never help anyone really understand how big of a problem the pay gap in professional sports really is nowadays. In a research study by Flake et al. (2013) took data listing the top 100 professional tennis athletes in the year 2009 and concluded the gender wag gap that is seen between the genders (p. 366). In order to do so, the method used by the researchers were taking the abundance of singles and doubles all together, the success of singles and doubles, and the ending rankings in 2009. Then the singles and doubles…

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