Gender Inequality : A Long Term Impact On Education Essay

1824 Words Apr 24th, 2016 8 Pages
Gender inequality in education is an issue that has a long term impact on everyone – students, parents, educators, and the public at large. It is an often contentious subject and, while found to exist by study after study, is often denied or disregarded by the individuals most directly affected by it. Schools have been required to provide boys and girls with equal educational opportunities since the ratification of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Luongo, 2012). This paper reviews studies of gender inequality in education, examining the attitudes towards gender inequality found among education stakeholders, and methods for decreasing its occurrence. According to UNESCO, gender equality in education refers to boys and girls experiencing “the same advantages or disadvantages in educational access, treatment, and outcomes” (Matsuura, T., 2003). To say that we have achieved gender equality in education, we need to have equality of opportunities, equality in the learning process, equality of outcomes, and equality of external results. This study is primarily concerned with the second requirement: equality in the learning process. Equality in the learning process means both boys and girls:
“girls and boys receive the same treatment and attention, follow the same curricula, enjoy teaching methods and teaching tools free of stereotypes and gender bias, are offered academic orientation and counselling not affected by gender biases, profit from the same quantity and…

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