Gender Ideology In Advertising

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The attraction of television programs is undeniable and progressively appeals a huge number of audiences. Grasping this trend, businessmen utilize television as a way to introduce their products through inviting short TV commercials. Obviously, each product usually chooses for itself a group of potential customers so it partly indicates many aspects existing in our society, including gender ideologies. This essay attempts to show these ideologies reflected through some representative TV advertisements.

Gender ideologies
To find out male – female differences expressed through TV commercials, the foremost thing is that understanding thoroughly about the gender ideology. “Gender ideology refers to attitudes regarding the appropriate roles, rights
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This explains why in almost TV advertisements, men usually appear with suit and tie, indicating they are working to earn money and women appear in house’s background. As a result, women tend to be the main characters in household goods as well as products for children. This can be seen in the Maggi oyster sauce: the woman in homely outfit is cooking in the kitchen for her family without any help of her. The images about a housewife with domestic duties like cooking, cleaning the house or washing dishes have become familiar with audiences watching TV advertisements. Another example is the Vinamilk Dielac Alpha Gold 2014 advertisement. This children’s product is introduced by a women and a child. The background is inside a house where the woman is playing with her child and then feeding him. These above reveal a meaning that women play the role to raise children and take on housework in family …show more content…
In modern life, more and more women assume responsibilities for family finance and social works. They have a right to do what they want, not what they are forced to do. Therefore, women deserve to be shared domestic duties with their husband. This should be encouraged in TV advertisements because it not only creates a highlight affecting strongly to audiences but also contributes to a more equal society for women. For instance, it would be better if instead of women, men cook family meals or using balancing images of males and females in advertisements related to office products. The commercial Meizan cooking oil 2014 did a good job in that. It is about a charming girl with a lot of boys chasing and asking her to be their wife even though they are rich, handsome, romantic and cool. Finally she decides to choose a man who knows cooking well. This commercial conveys the message that a good man is the person who shows his love not by outside things but by the sharing of work with his

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