Essay on Gender Identity Throughout The Decades

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Gender Identity Throughout the Decades
When thinking about gender, most people only see two genders. The definition of gender is “the characteristics that a society of culture delineates as masculine or feminine”. Gender differs from sex in that sex is biological; it involves your sex chromosomes, hormones, reproductive organs. There are 3 sexes, male, females and intersex. Intersex is having both male and female reproductive organs.
Gender matters in society by how one acts or portrays themselves “to communicate…within a given culture.” Different cultures have different meanings as to what it means to be feminine and masculine. Regardless, gender has always mattered in how people see and address you. It’s a way of classifying people so they can adhere to that specific role. The idea /perception of gender has changed throughout the decades- starting from 1950.
In Western societies, discussions of it have changed throughout the years. In the 1950s gender roles were very specific and you had to be either masculine if you were a male or feminine if you were a female. Women were domestic and expected to be compliant towards their husbands (Women were expected to marry a man especially).
The feminine image was wearing skirts and dresses, heels, makeup and the color pink. Women were expected to be docile towards men. If a woman wasn’t like this then she was considered deviant. Society would most likely label her as manly.
In the 1950s, the men were the sole providers in the…

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