Gender Identity Is An Enduring Cultural Norm Essay

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In modern times, the huge progress of sexual liberation has evoked the reconsideration of gender identity, which leads to the reexamination of gender transgression and its sexual corollary. This essay will argue how the performativity of binary genders implicitly entails the possibility of alternative sexualities under the heterosexual hegemony through the analysis of a Disney animation Mulan (1998), which is a story of a woman successfully disguising as a warrior within an army for a decade. Firstly, the act of performing opposite sex and gender identity reveals the unnatural relation between genders and sexed bodies. Then, heterosexual system produces this ostensibly natural gender identity while gender identity forcedly reproduces the heterosexual hegemony. Finally, gender performativity denaturalizes the unidirectional heterosexual combination as well as reinforces this heterosexual hegemony.

Gender identity is an enduring cultural norm that is a fabricated signification of binary sexed bodies through reiteratively performative acts, which is ostensibly natural. Butler (Gender Trouble 33) argues that gender identity is an illusion that is fabricated as a natural and inevitable effect of sexed body. Depending on the biological facticity of body, binary sexes have been hinged on masculinity and femininity separately, and have been assigned relatively balanced gender roles in social structure. However, this effect is cultivated through “a sequence of repeated acts that…

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