Gender Identity Is A Choice Or Is It Chosen For You? Essay

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Gender Identity is it a choice or is it chosen for you?
Gender identity is your personal experience of your own gender. It is usually described as a person’s sense of being a guy or a girl, mostly when talking about the social acceptance of the group of people, guy or girl. All societies have gender categories that can be used as the basis of a social id compared to other members of society. In most places there is a division between gender qualities possessed by guys and girls. In all societies, some people do not associate with some of the qualities of gender that are assigned to their sex they are born with.
In most places, there is a gender norm that enforces the idea of masculinity and femininity in sex and gender. Some places have gender categories that can be used for gender identity by people who are uncomfortable with the gender that is usually associated with their sex.
Gender identity is normally already formed by age three and it is extremely difficult to change after it has formed. The formation is usually complete between the ages of four and six. Gender identity is affected by influence of other people, social interactions, and a kid’s own personal interest. Understanding gender can be broken down into four parts, understanding gender, learning gender role standards and stereotypes, identifying with parents, and forming gender preference. A three year old can identify themselves as a boy or a girl, but they don’t fully understand it yet.
Gender identity…

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