Gender Identity : Gender And Gender Essay

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Gender identity relates to one’s sense of congruence with their attributed gender. (Dragowaski) Whether or not they believe they are the gender that their sex is. The child’s gender role is how they publically show their gender. How they show what gender they choose to be. Gender dysphoria is the mental condition that occurs when one’s gender identity does not match up with their birth sex.
Gender dysphoria and gender role nonconformity are not considered the same thing. Gender role nonconforming relates more about not doing the gender norms such as being a “sissy” boy but he still considers himself a boy or a “tomboy” girl who still considers herself a girl. (Ehrbar) Gender dysphoria is when they want to change their sex because they identify with the opposite gender.
In children, this can be seen in the child even at the young age of two or three saying that they are not the sex they were born into, or not wanting to where the “gender norm” clothes or do the “gender norm” activities. But these could all be caused by other influences such as the child trying to behave in a manner consistent to the parents desired gender, Or because the child has been sexually abused and morphs themselves into the other gender as to not be hurt by their abusers again. (Vanderburgh)
Parents of gender-dysphoric children seek help for different reasons. These reasons are but not limited to the fact that they may be unsure if their child has a mental illness. They may be unsure what…

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