Essay on Gender Identity And The Female Identity

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The idea of feminine identity has been debated since the birth of time. From Darwin’s Descent of Man, in 1871, Gamble “The Supremacy of the Male” in 1916, to Six Million Dollar Man episode, “The Bionic Woman” in 1975, the concept of the female identity has shown in different lights. Though Gamble agreed with some aspects of Darwin’s arguments, she strongly believes in how females are the stronger one in the human species. Years later Gamble’s point of a stronger woman is displayed in history and is proven in “Bionic Woman” and shows the feminine identity in modern times. The female identity itself has changed over time with the development of society and evolution, some characteristics of femininity has yet to change. Darwin’s Descent of Man was one of the first articles out that discusses the history of man. Though groundbreaking, some of Darwin’s theories turn out to be not accurate about the female identity in society. Darwin states “..put into competition, or a man with a woman, both possessed of every mental quality in equal perfection, save that one has higher energy, perseverance, and courage…….. He may be said to possess genius-for genius has been declared by a great authority to be patience;…...from success in the general struggle for life;…struggle will have been during maturity, the characters gained will have been transmitted more fully to the male than to the female offspring….. Thus man has ultimately become superior to woman.” Darwin points out Males are…

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