Gender Identity And Its Effects On A Child 's Future Essays

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Concealment of gender identity negatively affects a child’s future adult life in several aspects: psychologically, socially, and physically. It seems likely that a child is aware of his or her own gender identity by the age of 8, and to support this child’s realization is critical in helping a child understand. The ramifications of not aiding a child in their quest of gender identity is huge, leading to very high rates of dismal psychosocial outcomes. It is therefore necessary to aid in a child’s search of sexual identity and to help socially transition such kids for them to have a normal productive future. Many aspects of sexual identity will be touched on, ultimately showing that giving a child a sense of security in their sexual identity will lead to stronger mental health as an adult. Concealment of sexual identity is detrimental to the health of children as adults.
Gender Identity and sexual identity is a phrase that was not touched upon in school for most adults prior to the millennial generation. It was not until recently that sexual orientation and gender identity are referred to as different things. In turn these definitions need to be defined to better help understand the topic. “Gender identity refers to an individual’s innate sense of maleness or femaleness, or both, as well as to how those feelings and needs are internalized and how they are presented to others”(Israel 7). The important part of this definition is innate which may seem to some that it is…

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