Essay about Gender Identity And Gender Roles

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Gender Identity As young children people are told to “sit like a lady”, “you run like a girl” and other remarks that attempt to make sure one acts appropriately according to one’s gender, male or female. Although children listen intently to what they are told, what kind of toll does it take on that young person to constantly be reminded of the of how a boy or girl should act? In this age where gender roles are changing the cultural myth of gender roles are changing also. The gender myth of old where men work and do the hard labor and women stay at home and raise children is becoming a thing of the past. Even if the myth is going out of style, it does still have a strong hold on American society today. The realization is, that this myth has long been restrictive and non compliant to the steady changes in American culture. The idea that a man or woman should act or do things a certain way restricts them emotionally, economically, and culturally. The myth hinders the adaptability to adjust to change that is constantly occurring in society. When a person holds on to a set of rules that defines them as a person and those rules start to change, it can take a toll on their emotional well being. What once was thought of as gender specific roles in the past do not hold true today. Men for instance, are being asked to be more emotionally present in relationships today. That is the total opposite of what “being a man” is all about. Men are not supposed to cry or be openly…

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