Gender Identity : A Multidimensional Analysis With Implications For Psychosocial Adjustment

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Furthermore, at this point of the interview it does not surprise me that Matt (ie) wanted to play dress up or play with girls’ toys. I for one, knew numerous kids that did that at an early age, even I personally wanted to play with my brother’s toys at times and I never liked wearing dresses when I was young. Even though these confessions didn’t alarm me, I felt the need for more understanding.
Egan, Susan K and Perry, David G, Department of Psychology, Florida Atlantic University, argue in their article “Gender Identity: a multidimensional analysis with implications for psychosocial adjustment” from the American Psychological Association, that gender identity is “feelings of psychological compatibility with one 's gender”. Meaning the characteristics of one’s body are either male or female and feeling comfortable with the male or female sex. They also argue that the pressure to conform comes from society, starting with our parents and peers, and then moving to ourselves (2001).
Matt (ie) talks about how it was back in the 70’s, the differences in gender identity were not really understood. Matt (ie) sensed early on that it wasn’t okay to think or feel that way, consequently those feelings just got pushed down inside. Matt (ie) remembers the memories of such feelings going back to the age of three or four (lines 24-31).
This truly amazes me, to consider Matt (ie) can remember feeling different at such an early age. I think my earliest memory is about four, my Grandpa took…

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