Gender, Gender Defined And Undefined Essay

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In “Gender Defined and Undefined,” Marinucci states that the paradigmatic man and the paradigmatic woman are the “hegemonic binary” of our society. This binary praises those who follow it and demeans those who don’t. Society constructed these binaries as a means of control and a way to enforce the existing hierarchies. Thus, making it easy to identify those in society who should and should not be privileged. By examining the meanings of sex, sexuality, and gender you can understand why society creates these privileges. The classification of the Paradigmatic Woman has not greatly affected me. Growing up my mother never dressed me in girly colors or dresses but instead in denim overalls and Winnie the Pooh. My sexuality is heterosexual, my gender is female, and my sex is a woman. The concept of the paradigmatic woman suits my description of myself and how I view myself. These views are influenced by what I’ve seen growing up and how people interact with those who are different from them. For example, being a lesbian goes outside of this binary and as a younger child, I saw the dislike people received from being this way. Although not as blatant, many people in my teen years still held these feelings. That being homosexual was wrong and religiously would be punished. However, my parents taught me that if someone’s views, beliefs, or even sexuality are different from you, you shouldn’t dislike them but instead get to know them and understand their perspective. By having…

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