Gender : Gender And Society Essay

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Gender Experiences
Gender and Society
Donna S. Brown

Gender norms have been altered throughout time. Gender norms have molded society; how it works and how it evolves. Today’s society is more accepting yet gender still plays an important role in the world. Many people believe that equality has been realized and that gender no longer needs to be addressed. I believe that, in some situations, gender discrimination is still alive and impacts people’s lives with relationships, family, and career. It is known that gender norms differ from one locale to another. No one can assume that what happens in their country is the same for another. Values, beliefs, and laws all influence each country’s perception of gender and the roles attached. Gender should not define us as individuals or a race. This paper is a product of an interview process of three individuals. I interviewed a 21 year old female college student, a 25 year old male correctional officer, and a 52 year old male that grew up in a Greek household and was raised in Australia. The answers and stories they shared with me have many similarities when it comes to gender, yet on occasion, they differ immensely. All three interviewees came from what society would deem a typical household. They all had a mother and father who raised them. The two younger interviewees stated that their mother always worked and that their parents divorced. They grew up living with their…

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