Essay on Gender : Gender And Gender

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The gender binary system classifies all individuals into one of two gender categories – male-bodied individuals who are masculine and female-bodied individuals who are feminine. Because we tend to use the gender binary system in terms of thinking about gender we group men and women as if they are all the same. Most of us do not realize that gender is all around us. How we learned and interacted with gender as young children directly influenced how we view the world today. Many aspects of gender is socially constructed, a process by which we make reality meaningful through shared interpretation and often relate different attributes with masculinity or femininity. Like other social constructs, gender is closely monitored and reinforced by society in which we assign to each gender, such as the types of clothes we wear, toys we play with, colors we associate ourselves with, and the behaviors we present to others. Pretend play is a necessary component in how a child develops and learns about the world, by recognizing the different gender roles. Many stores gender socialize toys into separate boys’ and girls’ sections, such as, Walmart.
Colors such as blue and pink are used to differentiate between the two genders, especially at the time a child is born. Gender ideologies are what we believe to be the appropriate roles, rights and responsibilities of men and woman in society. Due to this ideology it is only natural to assume that everything that is advertised to girls to be pink…

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