Gender, Gender And Gender Status Essay

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In a progressive world, social constructions may be viewed more as spectrums and less as perfectly defined characteristics. For example, as a college aged female in modern society, I often find myself considering race as an arbitrary spectrum ranging from black to white, and including every shade in between. Similarly, when I consider gender, I imagine a spectrum from hyper-feminine females to hyper-masculine males, with agender, gender fluid, and genderqueer each having a place. With a mindset that has been trained against considering gender and race to be confining characteristics, I found Chi-Raq to be quite eye opening. In Chi-Raq, race and gender status play crucial roles in nearly every aspect of the movie, ranging from the initial conflicts to the eventual solution. From the beginning of the movie, it was apparent that the majority of Chi-Raq’s cast was black. The dominant race of the cast was not a coincidence, but a clear representation of a specific issue the black population in the cast faces: gang violence. If Spike Lee, the director of Chi-Raq, had cast actors of a different race, the plot would not have held up as well throughout the duration of the film. Personally, I have come to view race as a characteristic that can impact one’s life, but does not define one’s life; Chi-Raq showed me a completely new perspective. Gang violence, one of the major premises of the film, is only depicted within the black population, emphasizing the seriousness of the issue…

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