Essay on Gender, Gender And Gender Inequality

777 Words Nov 9th, 2016 4 Pages
In contemporary society, there is an established gender hierarchy that maintains male superiority over females. This hierarchical perspective that is constantly reinforced generation after generation, consistently places a higher value on masculinity than on femininity (Schilt; Westbrook, 442). Many components attribute to the gender hierarchy like gender roles, racial privileges, “doing gender”, and a most important factor of heterosexuality. Heterosexuality contributes to the subordination of women to men, as being a male and heterosexual grants more privileges and positions of power than being a female, homosexual, or anything else for that matter. When people of the trans community openly express their self-identity, “gender normals” feel there is a posed threat to their heteronormative structured society (Schilt; Westbrook, 441). The “gender normals” find a threat when they don’t see a correlation between sex and gender and that places their heterosexuality in a vulnerable state; they don’t want to be exposed to homosexuality, and men they don’t want to be associated with any form of femininity. The combination of femininity and homosexuality lands under the less privileged half of the heterosexism function. Gender norms are assigned and once people start to stray from their roles, like transmen and transwomen, then arises revelations, confrontations and violence from their heteronormative counterparts. Schilt and Westbrook’s study surprisingly revealed how transmen…

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