Gender, Gender And Gender Identity Essay

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Gender has been a topic in the forefront of national discussion in the United States for much of 2016. Ongoing debates focus on the rights of those individuals who do not identify with the gender of their birth. However, overlooked in these discussions is what constitutes stereotypical genders and how we define them as a society. There is little discussion in the United States about what it means to identify as a “man” or a “woman” within the context of our culture. While individuals struggle with gaining acceptance for a gender identity they feel is most appropriate for them, most people do not question their own gender identity and why they associate with it. For some, however, gender identity is not a given and is something they have personally questioned and challenged.
For myself, gender identity is less straightforward as it may be for most men. While my identification with the male gender has persisted throughout my life, it has not come easy. Being of the male sex, I have come to accept that there are natural features that distinguish me from being female. Apart from having male genitalia, developing attributes stereotypical of human males, such as body hair during puberty or baldness later in life, have reinforced that I am male. However, lacking any fondness for the culturally assigned behaviors for most males, it was difficult to feel fully male in American society.
Being born into a military family, I was separated from the family structure commonly found to…

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