Essay on Gender, Gender And Gender Equality

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As generations pass over time, men and women have had distinct roles in American society based on their biological characteristics and typically common personality traits. Girls and women have always been perceived to be the subordinate sex, while a man’s masculinity places him in a superior position. In United States contemporary society, these gender ideologies limit the extent of “appropriate responsibilities” for each sex. Society has assigned roles to each gender and the adults are responsible for passing those views on to the youth of the next generation.
Over the past decades women vigorously fought for their rights to be equal to men; the creation of feminism allowed women to mold their own paths to gender equality. Those who now live in the post-feminist era see that women now have a matter of choice, while men are stuck in a linear path which involve sports and being the breadwinners of the family (Messner 164). According to Shauna Pomerantz, Rebecca Raby, and Andrea Stefanik’s “Girl’s Run the World? Caught Between Sexism and Postfeminism in School,” young girls stated that instead boys are the ones who are experiencing sexism because their choices aren’t as flexible as girls (Pomerantz 194). A girl is able to join the boy’s football team, however a boy is not allowed to join a girl’s gymnastics team, which serves to show that society still has certain expectations of men when it comes to areas such as sports. The ability for girls to have a choice in society is…

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