Gender Gaps Of Video Games And The Gaming Industry Essay

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Gender Gaps in Video Games and the Gaming Industry The video game industry has been around since 1958 and is a rapidly growing media industry. However, this industry is viewed as male-dominant and mostly unwelcoming to women. The inequalities within schools, games, and the industry itself are painfully obvious yet not many people try to make a change. While reflecting gender-related tensions in the American culture at large, the issue of misogyny in the video game industry demonstrates that gender inequality has not ended in the United States. The inequality between genders starts within the very roots of the gaming industry which would be the schooling. The degrees that video game employees receive are underneath the field of computer-science. At the University of Central Florida, UCF, only 8.5% of their computer-science and engineering program graduates are women. However, at Full Sail University, also a college in Florida that provides computer-science programs, female enrollment has doubled to more that 20%. Since 1994, more that 1,400 female graduates from Full Sail University have been sent into the workforce, still a considerably low number (Burnett). Even though the number of female students has increased, the field of computer-science is still strongly unwelcoming to female workers. While Marleigh Norton, a co-founder and game developer for Green Door Labs, was attending a technical lecture in software architecture for video games, the presenter moved to…

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