Gender, Ethnicity, Major, And Current Class Level Essay

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Taking from a selection of students in a single PY 215 Research Literacy in Psychology course given at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Principle Investigator (PI) and fellow researchers surveyed N=41 participants. Each participant was compensated within the course with a grade credit for taking the two surveys. Of the 41 participants in the study, all but one gave demographic information about age and gender and two chose not to specify ethnicity. At the beginning of their course the participants answered questions in regards to age, gender, ethnicity, major, and current class level. The participants averaged 23.63 years of age (SD = 4.81, range = 19-36) and of the participants thirty-four were female (82.9%), six were male (14.6), and as stated above one person preferred not to answer (2.4%). The course included nine African Americans (22.0%), four Asian Americans (9.8%), and twenty-four Caucasian Americans (58.5%); as well as, two people of mix race (4.9%) and the two people who preferred not to specify (4.9%). All those in the course are majoring in psychology either as a single major or as part of a double-major. There were no freshmen in the survey; however, there were five sophomores (12.2%), nineteen juniors (46.3%), and fourteen seniors (34.1%) along with three post-bachelor or other level of education students (7.3%). No participants had dropped out at time of collection of demographic information and thus is included in the…

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