Essay on Gender Equality Is Not A New Concept

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Gender equality is not a new concept. From women’s suffrage to the glass ceiling, feminist issues have long fought for a place at the centre of public policy debate. Since its foundation in 2010, UN Women has been working to empower women and establish gender equality worldwide. HeForShe is UN Women’s “solidarity movement”: a movement to engage men and boys in a struggle traditionally fought by women. As stated in the HeForShe Action Kit (2015a), “the overall goal of the campaign is to spread awareness and spark action on the responsibility that men and boys have in eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and violence against women and girls” (p.3).
Among its strategies to “position gender equality and women’s empowerment at the heart of the global agenda” (UN Women, 2015b, p.2), HeForShe is enlisting local celebrity spokespeople, visiting university and college campuses, hosting panel discussions and using social media. The complexity of the HeForShe campaign and the strategies it uses to influence public policy lie beyond the scope of this paper. For that reason, emphasis is placed on two international strategies. I will initially discuss HeForShe’s use of social media as a means of engaging civil society groups and individuals, in turn putting pressure on organizations and governments to implement change when it comes to gender equality. I will then introduce the IMPACT 10X10X10 pilot as a strategy to combine interests of decision makers within governments,…

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