Gender Equality Is A Basic Human Right Essay

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Gender equality is a basic human right, denied to women to raise the spirits of insecure men. Within every generation, people have been denied their basic rights based upon gender and lack thereof. A foundation supporting female rights called Trust Women, defines gender inequality as, “The disparity in status, power and prestige between people” (Trust Women, Par.7). In today’s society, gender inequality prevails in everyday life; however, future generations will be able to overcome barriers which prevent complete equality regardless of sexual identification.
A common pop culture phrase, “Shut up babe, and go make me a sandwich” exhibits discrimination against females. Equality has progressed quite graciously with females being able to vote, and being part of the workforce. Although progression has been made, females are still discriminated against based on gender. A grocery store chain, called Lucky Store, was found guilty in federal court of discrimination against women. The notes from a meeting with Lucky Store management had exceptionally sexist comments such as, “Men do not want competition from women” as well as “it is impossible to find qualified women” (National Women’s Law Center, Par.3). Women may be able to work amongst men; however, discrimination is still present in the workplace. Women are taught to be the weaker sex, and many times accept the negative and submissive roles placed upon them by society. Sexism is taught at an early age by sexist role models, and…

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