Gender Equality And Political Participation Essay

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Gender equality and political participation are fundamental components of modern democratic governance. According to international standards, men and women have equal rights in all aspects of the political process. However, in practice, for women it is much more difficult to take full advantage of these rights. At the moment, American women have an undeniable impact on US policy. However, their emergence in politics was preceded by years of struggle for their voting rights. After the civil war, the availability of modern technology, as well as education, freed many middle and upper-class women from the duties of their homes and allowed them to engage in other activities. As a result, women’s participation in public life increased a hundred fold from the abolition years into the temperance and child-saving movement. While the role of women in the abolitionist movement was a silent one, their involvement increased momentum in the suffrage as well as the temperance movements.
Even though the role of women in the abolitionist movement was a silent one, many courageous women fought against slavery and gender discrimination according to Shirley Yee (1992). In this regard, female slaves, black, and white Quaker women stood against slavery in the abolitionist movement. They assisted by circulating petitions as well as publishing articles in the leading anti-slavery periodicals. Out of these thousands of women, who were mostly educated, became prominent leaders in the abolition…

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