Gender Equality And Pay Discrimination

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Within the past century, the United States of America has been the battle ground for many protests for equality. The fight for ethnic equality has been won, and marriage equality is gaining support in states throughout the nation. In times of change, there is one type of equality that is not given much thought by the American public, gender equality; specifically, pay discrimination. This inequality is solely based on luck, and something as uncontrollable as gender should not determine someone’s earnings, but rather it should be determined by their performance in the workplace and aspects of their lives they can control. Pay discrimination based on gender has been prominent throughout America’s history. With the birth of the nation came along a misconception that white males were …show more content…
Gender falls under the category of luck because no one is given the opportunity to select their gender before being born. For example, no one is granted greatness for being of a convenient height, rather people comment on how lucky he or she is for their height. Likewise people are not considered lucky for being smart or an exceptional athlete, instead people acknowledge them for continuing to gain knowledge by attending college and studying or their hard work on and off the field. This applies to pay discrimination as well, if someone of either gender is morally superior (more dedicated, qualified, etc.) without the additional benefit of luck, then and only then should they receive praise and reward for it. If a women accomplishes the tasks a job demands better than a man, then she should be paid more than him, as it should be if the roles are reversed. In other words, luck is incapable of determining a person’s measure of greatness, so people should not be paid more do to there so called

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