Gender Equality And Gender Discrimination Essay

1346 Words Sep 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Currently, gender equality is one of the various prickly issues the world has to deal with. One may define it as when equal rights and representation of women and men in all matters are the norm. Notably, equality does not imply that women and men are the same, but that they have equal value and should be accorded equal treatment.
On the other hand, gender discrimination can be described as the prejudicial treatment of an individual based on his or her membership to a certain gender. Unfortunately, in this world, gender based discrimination is a fact of life. There are a variety of reasons why discriminatory practices exist. The motives for gender discrimination may stem from cultural practice, economic exploitation or religious beliefs.
Nevertheless, both men and women are being discriminated against. Even so, in a traditionally male dominated world, it is women who bear the brunt of gender biased practices. In some countries, women are forbidden from driving while some limit the right of women to travel. Discrimination against women occurs in marital affairs when they are denied the right to divorce and also if their husbands should divorce them, they might find themselves without any custody rights. Dress code and clothing requirements imposed on women by these different value systems often are blatantly discriminatory. In some societies, women only have restricted access to education. Career opportunities reserved for men are discriminatory to women as such practices…

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