Essay on Gender Disparity And Stereotypes On Online Gaming

1545 Words Dec 20th, 2016 7 Pages
As a child I can remember sitting on the floor in my living room playing video games with my three best friends. Regardless of the game none of us cared whether we were “button smashing,” by pressing random buttons on the controller in hopes of getting a kill, or playing seriously. To us we were just having a good time. However, as we made the gradual shift towards online gaming, we became exposed to the toxicity that thrived there. The level of which the environment is unwelcoming, harmful, or poisonous is not something we had encountered before. Nor were the people that create this atmosphere who are often referred to as “toxic” players. These players use abusive and vulgar language which extend to their behavior (See Appendix 1). Upon my original research I had thought that gender disparity and stereotypes were the main culprits of the toxicity in gaming. However, after learning more I realized that the topic is far more complex. Gender disparity and stereotypes are only a small portion of toxicity while other factors include the platform of the game, toxic players, and the construction of the game. Scholars and gaming icons such as Ratan, Rosen, Dinwiddie, and Chen skirt around the idea of toxicity in their arguments. They discuss harassment, discrimination and disparity, yet they fail to mention that all these things are due to the toxicity in games. Today we are seeing outrageous occurrences and responses to the toxicity in gaming communities such as the documentary…

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