Gender Discrimination In Vietnam Essay

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Over the past decade, despite people have advances on gender inequality, but the sexism still prevalent in all aspects of life and in most countries around the world. I was born and raised in Vietnam, where gender biased ideology is extremely prevalent throughout society. It is an ideology in which men are considered more important than women. In the spiritual life of Vietnamese, people must have a son to keep their family lineages continuously growing. This pressure is on from generation to generation. It gradually seep into the minds of people and so many male ideology, contempt women increasingly on the rise. That is the situation in Vietnam. Growing up, I had heard and admired for gender equality in advanced countries in the world, especially …show more content…
A male candidate who had less schooling would be credited with street smarts, but a woman with an identical résumé would be dismissed for not having enough education. When the qualifications were flipped, so was the justification for hiring the man. The hirers were really just rationalizing a gut decision about who was right for a traditionally male job.”
But one problem is that gender discrimination in the distribution of positions and jobs. Since ancient times, there has been the idea that men and women are role-specific in society, in which men are responsible for the work of art, industry, military, while women take on the housework and childcare. The specialization of roles has led to the formation of the notion that women are not capable of performing tasks requiring intelligence, especially among the leaders.

“A recent study by the law firm Fenwick & West found that forty-five per cent of tech companies there didn’t have a single female
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Most women have to leave halfway through because of this. According to the article: Woman wants to get to work in the field of high-tech, they need to act as masculine "masculine". I really can not understand why do women want to have one professional, one of the best in high-tech must be so hard !!! More than 50 percent of women abandon their careers. They are not hired for employment, and they do not get promoted, and they are being pushed out of the industry system.

“The result is a Catch-22: women need to act “masculine” to fit in, but get labelled as difficult and pushy if they do. In a recent study of almost two hundred and fifty performance reviews, the tech entrepreneur Kieran Snyder found that three-quarters of the women were criticized for their personalities—with words like “abrasive”—while only two of the men were.”
Post this article very interesting and unique. By these words are excellent, the author wrote and demonstrate real gender discrimination at work in Silicon Valley. I also completely agree with the author of system bias and establish timely intervention to minimize bias condition.

“Google, similarly, now requires interviewers to ask every candidate for a given job the same questions, so that bias doesn’t shape what gets

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