Gender Discrimination In The Workplace

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The world has come a long way since World War Two (WW2). One way is such that women have been integrated into the work force not just in the United States but all around the world. Prior to WW2 women’s role was to be a housewife and take care of children. When the men had to go to war, women started taking over the labor force and they excelled at it. When the men returned from war they retook their jobs and the women returned to being housewives. Since then, more and more women have joined the labor force as society has slowly progressed. Although, that does not mean that women have the same advantages and pay as men. A women on average is paid less than a man for holding the same position in the United States. That is not the only discrimination …show more content…
A good example of this is in China where migrant and female workers are being discriminated against every day. In the book Legal protection against gender discrimination in the workplace in China Sadie Yang notes that these workers receive a monthly salary of about $133-$161 (Yang and Li 296). A big excuse to discriminate against women has become that a job is “only for men”, there are no laws or rules that state a job has to be done by a particular gender. Anytime some uses that excuse they are discriminating and acting unlawfully. Shang continues to write that, “In 2007, 67 percent of employers in their research either explicitly preferred male applicants or prohibited female employees from getting pregnant” (Shang and Li 299). It is unethical to hire a man over a women because she might get pregnant. This proves that women are being treated unfairly, when they clearly deserve the same jobs as men. Society has progressed too much to make women choose between their careers or having …show more content…
These groups have a more difficult time finding a job or getting a promotion, when being compared to an average white male. If a person is more qualified and suits the needs of a company they should get the job then someone who is not qualified. Sadly that has not been the case around the world. In the article discrimination at work Phuong and Kleiner present statistics that show, “According to a recent survey of clients, racial discrimination was listed as fourth from the top at 11.8% after age discrimination at 23.5%, gender discrimination at 17.4% and wrongful termination at 14.0%” (Phuong and Kleiner). People continue to get fired by big companies because they are not white, meaning they cannot handle a bigger workload. Phuong continues to write, “In a study of 100 large British companies, companies were more helpful and encouraging to a white candidate seeking employment information than to comparable Asian candidates"(Phuong and Kleiner). It is evident that white males are preferred over minorities or people of a different race. Culture in this case does not play a part whether you are in England or in the United States. Larger companies all around the world will prefer a white male because he presents less risk to their

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