Gender Discrimination For Single Sex Education Essay

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According to Schneider and Wildman (2011), before the 21st century, gender-based classification in education experienced a culture shift in how the Courts, as well as the states, should react to single-sex education. The authors reference three eras, (1) Before gender-neutral treatment in America, (2) When education (by design) discriminated against women’s ability to succeed outside the home. (3) When research began after the 21st century.
Between 1870-1910, Those in opposition, protectionists argued the traditional view that sex- based education protects women from the ills of men (such as the interaction within the political atmosphere, economic competition, and military positions reserved for man). During this time, and well into the 1950’s, the high caliber private and public schools followed sex based practices; however, low-caliber public schools began to introduce coeducation. The belief of sex-based classification, in education, to be unjust was not commonly seen to be an issue due to the culture image of women and men. Privilege was ignored as means of protection, limiting women to abide by the stereotypical image. Can separate ever be equal?
The Court accepted gender based categories, in part, because of the “real difference” between them. In 1970’s, the laws gradually changed in favor of gender-neutrality; with this, lawyers and interest groups rallied behind gender-neutral cases to push the Court to consider these cases using the highest level of scrutiny.…

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