Gender Discrimination And The Legal Profession Essay

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Although women’s status in society has improved, gender discrimination still persists within the legal profession. In 1954, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act established that it was unconstitutional to discriminate based on sex, race, color or religion (Dworkin 29). However, women are still faced with injustices in the work world. It is often difficult for women to receive promotions as compared to men. The objective of my research is to assess the ongoing problem of women’s lower status and pay equity in the legal profession. At this stage in the research, the focus of this project is defined as analyzing why there are gender disparities within large firms. The study will be divide into two sections. In the first section my goal is to use research to define women’s role in the legal profession. Then in the second section I intend to compare whether gender discrimination is affected by elements such as physical appearance and perceived intelligence. By analyzing previous studies, this will help highlight the factors that contribute to the gender differences among attorneys.
Group #1
Throughout history, men outnumbered women in their attendance to law schools because it was unusual for women to pursue careers in the legal profession. In the late 1900’s women only composed approximately ten percent of law school graduates (Durrani 300). But in today’s society it is common to see women attend law school. After completing law school, he or she has the choice of applying for a…

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